Tetra Fish

by Carol

Any fish from the Tetra fish family, are all good starter fish. The list begins with Black Tetra, Silver colored fish with black fins and a somewhat striped black pattern. Serpa Tetra, a very lovely red colored Tetra, The Lemon Tetra, a golden colored fish, the Red Eye Tetra, a golden/silver colored fish with red eyes. White Tetra, (same shape as all the others, a pleasing white color)You might even find some Colored Tetra fish, in various colors such as pink, blue, purple etc. These are simply White Tetras that are (somehow) colored to these attractive colors. NOTE: The colors do last quite a while, but eventually fade to white again.Glass Tetra is a transparant fish, that is unusual looking.

Another one that is called a Painted Tetra, is a Glass Tetra that also has florescent colors "painted" on the fish. These I found not to be very hardy,(I think maybe because of the way they got the colors on them)

A tank full of Tetras can be very pretty, as well as lively and active.
FYI, when shopping for fish, always get at least three of the same kind. Single fish can actually be lonely, and don't swim around much.
I agree completely with the advice on "First Fish". Zebra Danios are also my (best fish) choice for a new tank, and although the pet store may try to sell you those colorful Guppys, don't do it! They get picked on by the other fish, and actually don't have a long life span!

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