Swordtails belong to livebearer family of fish. They get their name from the sword like extension the males have on their caudal fin. These fish originate from Central America.

Aquarium Requirements

They grow to around 4 inches in length and for this size fish you will need an aquarium of around 60 litres. They prefer hard alkaline water with a pH of around 7.5. Leave plenty of open space within the aquarium for them to swim around and add a few live plants. Do not put too much bog wood in the aquarium because it can lower the pH and that is not good for these fish.


They are will eat most foods including flake food and live food.


In general they are peaceful creatures, but there can be aggression between males. To reduce aggression house males and females together. Do not house with platies as they will interbreed. They are not aggressive towards other fish and do make good community fish.


These fish are livebearers, which means they give birth to live young. Females can give birth to up to 200 fry at a time. As with all Livebearer fish if you want to raise the fry you will need to move the pregnant female to a separate tank before she gives birth. Once she has given birth she will need to be removed from the tank otherwise she will eat her babies. The fry can be fed on crushed flake food when they are born

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