Save Money On Tank Cleaning Equipment

by Bob
(Telford, England)

You can save money on aquarium cleaning equipment by reusing everyday house hold items.

One such item which doubles up well as a cleaning aid is an old tooth brush. When the bristles on your tooth brush are starting look a bit worn out, don?t chuck it in the bin and use it for your aquarium maintenance. An old tooth brush is a great aid for cleaning your aquarium; they are really good at removing the gunk from filter inlet, outlet pipes and cleaning the inside of the filter. Their small size means they are great for getting in little nooks and crannies that bigger cleaning equipment such as algae scrapers can?t manage. The tooth brush bristles will easily pick up aquarium gunk, than simply shake the tooth brush in a bucket of water or under the tap to remove the dirt.

Another reusable item is old newspapers. When you have finished reading your newspaper it can used to catch drips and spills during aquarium maintenance. Simply place the news paper on the floor in front of the aquarium before the start the cleaning process. When you have finished cleaning your aquarium you can recycle your paper as you would normally.

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