Keyhole Cichlids

Although Keyhole Cichlids belong to the Cichlid family, they are much less aggressive then other Cichlids. I currently have two of these fish in my community tank. I have had mine for around a year and so far I haven’t witnessed them trying to bully or eat their tank mates. They live happily with much smaller aquarium fish such as Guppies and cardinal tetra.

In the wild they can grow to six inches’, but ones tend to much smaller. Mine have grown a lot since I bought them, but still have a way to reach six inches’. In the wild they live in soft acidic water of around pH 6.5, although they do not seem to fussy regarding pH and water hardness.

Like other cichlids they are caring parents, guarding the eggs and then looking after the fry once they have hatched. A female can hay up 300 eggs at a time.

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