Choosing Aquarium Fish

When choosing aquarium fish there are some basic question you always ask yourself first.

Is your aquarium big enough?

Size plays a big part in choosing which aquarium fish to buy. You must make sure you new fish have enough space to be happy in their new home for as long as they live.

The mistake many new fish keepers make is to buy fish when are young and small without thinking about how big the fish will eventually grow. Some fish grow very quickly indeed.

Good examples of fish which seem a good idea when you see them in the fish shop include Oscars, Plecs and red-tailed catfish. The red-tailed catfish is perhaps the most extreme example, growing to around 1 metre in length.

One of the first fish I bought was a plec. I bought my plec because the glass in tank was covered in algae and I heard that plecs was good at eating algae. I had been warned that they grow bigger, so I can’t say I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for. Well my plec grew and grew and grew until it got to 13 inch’s. Some fish keepers gives their plecs away when they get too big, but I had grown very fond of my big fat plec and couldn’t part with him. His size did mean I had to upgrade the size of my aquarium twice, first from a 60 litre to a 100 litre tank and then again to a 240 litre. I also had to upgrade to filter to cope with all fish poo my plec created.

To prevent such experiences as mine research how big you fish are going to grow. Many good aquatic shop have the max size of each fish to the front of their display tanks.

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