This fish belongs to the cichlid family of fish. Their scientific name is Pterophyllum Scalare Angelfish are one of my all time favourite freshwater aquarium fish. I think it is the graceful way they glide around an aquarium that makes me love them. I used to have three stunning Angelfish, for years they were my focus point of my aquarium. But I as much as I love this fish I don’t keep have any at the moment. They can be problematic fish too keep, due to their behaviour and their tank requirements. Young Angelfish can be keeping in a community aquarium, but as they grow bigger they are likely to bully or even eat their team mates.

Angelfish are best keep in large aquariums so they have plenty of space to swim about. They relatively tolerate of changes in temperature, but you should aim to keep the aquarium between 65 and 85f, with an ideal temperature being around 75f.

Angelfish do like a well planted tank; their favourite plant is the Amazon swordplant. When they are breeding Angelfish like to spawn onto Amazon swordplant leaves.

Ideally they like to live food, such as brine shrimp, daphnia or mosquito larvae. However they will happily eat flake food. If you are planning to breed you fish, I would suggest supplementing their diet with live food or the freeze dried alternative.

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